Our Beers

Robin Hood Pale Ale

Robin Hood Pale Ale is a crisp, golden, citrus beer brewed to 3.8% ABV for lager and bitter drinkers. Blended from five malts and five hops it delivers a complex taste.

Little John

Brewed to 4.8% ABV, Little John Proper Ale is a well balanced, rich mahogany beer. The Cascade hop kicks things off in this powerful beer, whilst the Magnum hop finishes things off, delivering outstanding quality and a depth of flavour that drinkers will love.

Maid Marian

Maid Marian is a 4.2% ABV super pale beer. Made with the American Amarillo hop, there are definitive notes of orange and citrus, with a touch of grapefruit spice from the Cascade hop.

Five Star

A rich amber 5.5% IPA brewed with 5 fruity American hops.  Highly aromatic hop notes of orange and citrus rise above a velvety malt base to give a great rounded flavour.

Apollo Orange

Inspired by the old Apollo Soft Drinks brand once owned by Home Ales, we have developed a juicy orange infused Session IPA. The citrus zest used in the brew, and the mandarina hop give a subtle fruitiness to this great 4.2% beer.